Week 13: Last day

Bittersweet start to the day today. Last MEDA class ever. I decided on my final set up for my screen work, which involves the 2 screens in the foyer of the Mike Codd building. I figured to 2 screens would work well with my screen work, allowing the double screens to interact and portray conflicting images which will enhance my concept. After talking to Glenn, in order for my work to displayed properly i need to change my composition to from a 1920×1080 to a 3840×1080 which allows the format to sit perfectly across both of the screens. After some fiddling with my composition and figuring out the screens with Glenn, i finally got both images up on a loop. I was impressed with the end result, i felt i made a great deal of progress today. I also had a chat with Matt and Jo and decided to make a few changes to my original plan. Firstly, i’m going to limit my images to at least 8. This then allows me more time to get 8 images that are perfectly edited and immaculate. I also decided to try make a sound piece to go with my work which i believe will help convey my concept. I hope to play with sounds on audacity, mostly ocean sounds to create a mood which will enhance my screen work. I plan to come in as much as i can over the next 2 weeks to get this work done and ready for installation.



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