Week 12: Filming

This week i did my own filming in areas around the illawara, while also in Sydney. I used my own camera and equipment, however i borrowed a drone from my sister’s boyfriend to get some aerial shots. My list included;

– Seacliff bridge

– Coffee Cup

– Steelworks

– Underwater Gopro

– Headland/water/beach

I got after a day of filming at North Wollongong Beach, Lighthouse, Steelworks at Port Kembla and at the Sea Cliff bridge i was happy with the overall footage. During class time i then consolidated all the footage and picked ones that worked the best with my image ideas. A few shots didn’t work very well, the camera was a bit shaky which in turn effected my camera track. Even with a warp stabiliser it still didn’t look right. I started editing footage for one of the shots, which captured the Seacliff with a drone. I incorporated the image of a plastic 6 pack and enlarged the image in the scene. I was really happy with the results and completed another one of my compositions. I also researched some ways installation ideas. I’m still unsure about the way i want to install my work. I decided at the beginning of my project that i wanted to display my work as a digital installation, but i’m not 100 percent sure how i’m going to present it. My initial idea was to use multiple screens, but unfortunately due to lack of resources and my current broke situation that idea is not possible.  Next week i hope to make a decision and come up with a plan regarding installation.


My first installation idea, maybe using 5 screens. Second idea was to have 1 or 2 screens, possibly in the foyer.

Images from Drone Shoot



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