Week 11: Consolidating Stock Footage and Planning

This week i began by organising and researching my stock footage. Figuring out the images i wanted to include in my work. I also sourced a few stock images. In doing this i figured out shots in which i would need to shoot myself, and objects i would have to photograph. Based of my mind map i plan to complete 16 different ‘images’ however, i have learnt during my time editing that my skill level isn’t at a level in which i could successfully complete so many. I’m still learning with after effects, my ideas start as experiments and then if the end result isn’t to my liking and i’ve tried everything within my skill level to fix it, i then decide to scrap that idea. For example, one of my ideas involved an ocean being portrayed in a coffee cup. However, one i completed the composition for one it didn’t look right and i also felt it didn’t work as well with the other images i completed. With that i decided to stick to landscapes, to keep my project and concept coherent. I also finished another composition this week. This one i combined two pieces of footage using the roto brush tool and created a city like composition with a scuba diver incorporated into the sky.


This week i also had a chat to Jo about my process and she suggested i stick to the ocean pollution concept, and not stray from it. She also seemed pleased with the work i showed her so far. This week i’m feeling a lot more confident about my project, and feel like its starting to make good progress.



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