Week 10: Making Progress


This week i started to do some experiments with After effects. I tried to animate a plastic bag like a jellyfish in reference to this image. I found an photoon google, manipulated it in Photoshop and then animated the bag in after effects. The end result wasn’t the best, the bag ended up looking like a rotisserie chicken bouncing up and down. The movement of the jellyfish was hard to replicate, i couldn’t manipulate the movements so that they were as slow and as fluid as a jellyfish. However, this was just the first practice i feel if i try a few more times i might be able to get the movement right. This might involve stop frame animationinstead of using the puppet tool. I also researched some more ideas for the images i want to portray. Using the sites such as Pexels and Flickr, I found lots of stock footage which could potentially be used in my work. Although i have found it difficult to find 2 images that integrate well together, considering they have to be from the same perspective and with similar lighting. I’ve found its much easier to use a combination of a photograph and footage. However, I plan to shoot most of the footage myself which makes the editing process much easier.

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