Week 9: Progress and Research

I felt this week i made some great progress. I started editing stock footage in after effects, playing with techniques and learning from youtube and lynda tutorials. My first successful edit was using footage steam/fog rising from a sky scrapers. I decided to incorporate footage of fish swimming in the sky. My first attempt was a disaster, but after looking at youtube tutorials and asking advice from my peers i figured out how to incorporate a sky layer to help transition between the buildings and the fish to blend the 2 conflicting footages together. The end result was a success. I also started on another image which involved a coke cup sitting in the ocean on a large scale. Its just the beginning stages, but after some more practice i’m sure it’ll be finished by next week. By next week i also hope to finish two more “images” and to work out which footage i need to shoot myself.

I began with this footage:

And the end result was this:

I also completed some research into other artists who have used waste as a means to create an installation. Although i couldn’t find a lot of digital installations on waste, i was inspired by two works in particular in the way they portrayed plastic so creatively. The first was Tara Donovan’s ‘Untitled’ (Plastic cups)The piece is comprised of over 500,000 drinking cups, methodically prepared in a formula of varying stacked heights, presenting the appearance of flowing water or a cloud formation as viewed from above. The other was Alejandro Duran’s ‘Washed Up’ series. His approach was similar to that of Andy Goldsworthy however he used monochromatic plastic waste from the ocean and arranged the objects in a organic and creative way. He has then photographed his creation to exhibit. I was intrigued and inspired by both of these works and how the creators have used the concept and physical plastic to convey the issue of ocean pollution.


Alejandro Duran “Washed Up”


Tara Donovan “Untitled” (Plastic Cups)


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