Week 8: Presenting my idea

This week was a bit of a rush, i had figured out my idea but i was trying to research how i could convey it. I want to comment on the pollution in our oceans, and the impact it has not only on the environment, but the marine life inhabiting it. For the presentation i really wanted to make sure i got something up on the wall. I decided to create photoshop images to portray my vision. The 3 images were a scuba diver swimming through an ocean rubbish dump, a whale swimming through an industrial site as well as a person eating an ocean ice cream. All of the images create a metaphor commenting on the future of our ocean. I got some good feedback from Matt and my peers. Matt recommended i stick to the screen work and not include a sculpture in the installation (originally i wanted to create a plastic sculpture to go with the screen work) but i feel my concept can be explored just through my animation. Next week i hope to start properly, write a list of all the ‘metaphorical images’ i would like to portray. I would also like to watch some more lynda tutorials in order to gain insight into how i’m going to complete the work.

whale industrial oceanRubbish scubaicecream ocean


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