Post Grad Week: Researching My Idea

After developing my concept, i began researching installation art using screen works. I knew i wanted to make a short film, however i wanted to intergrate it somehow into an installation. I was inspired by the Coldplay ‘Up and Up’ music video which incorporates different effects to create a figurative and dreamlike world. I wanted to encompass these ideas in my work but incorporate my concept to create new meanings. The video is seemingly bizarre and surreal, almost a Salvador Dali approach to imagery. I love how the images capture the audiences imagination, as they’re taken into a fantasy world. I thought this video fits so well into the concept of ‘Futures’. Each ‘image’ created has an alterior meaning and purpose behind it. The video brings up political, social, environmental and cultural issues in the way that is relatable and creative. I think what works so well in this video is the use of scale, taking something that is typically small and enlarging it in a large environment. I aim to use this technique in my own work. Below is a mind map of all my ideas of  ‘ocean pollution metaphors’ that i want to include in my work.


I also looked into other creatives who used ocean pollution in their own artworks. 1 organisation i came across was called ‘Washed Ashore’ which is a involves a group of volunteers who collect plastic and rubbish washed up on the shores of beaches and then creates sculptures using the collected rubbish.

“A work of art is born. From tons of plastic pollution, monumental sculptures have arisen to awaken the hearts and minds of viewers to the marine debris crisis. Our art pieces and educational programs travel the nation to inspire change in consumer habits.”


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