Week 6: Iterative Practice and Critical Reflection

Project Proposal

SUMMARY OF PROJECT: My idea is to create a screen based work combining my skills in animation and cinematography using After Effects. Inspired by Coldplay music video, ‘Up and Up’ I plan to incorporate conflicting images in order to create metaphorical and symbolic works commenting on environmental issues in our oceans as well as global warming. Using the techniques of chrome keying and green screen, as well as editing stock footage to create challenging and conflicting images, which aim to question the audience.


It is now believed that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in our ocean. I find this issue to be catastrophic, as a lover of beaches and the ocean I find it devastating that our waste is destroying our marine life. It scares me that our oceans may never be the same again. I chose to base my work on this issue, as it is something I feel much strongly. Focusing on the issues of plastic and its impacts of the marine wildlife, I plan to combine conflicting images in order to create a metaphorical message towards this issue; for example, a scuba diver swimming through a garbage coral reef or a person eating a melting ocean ice cream. These metaphors are challenging and confronting, putting the issue into perspective.

 ASETHETIC /INSTALLATION: I plan to create a screen-based work, however I intend to present it in a video installation. I intend to create at least 6 metaphorical images displayed either separately in multiple screens or together in one large screen installation. As well as that I intend to create a sculpture created from plastic waste found in the ocean. I hope to hang these from the ceiling above my screen work. Ideally I would like to use multiple screens, however I know I’m limited to what is available. If not multiple projects would suffice, creating a larger scale viewing.

AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: To enhance my concept further and to encourage audience involvement I envision to have plastic waste found on our beaches hanging from the ceiling above my installation. This gives the audience more to look at, not just a screen/multiple screen but also engage with the objects hanging above them. The screen work is also engaging to an audience, as the footage is unique, surreal and edited, which in itself is engaging. I hope the combination of these two elements will draw the viewer in and encourage interaction and curiosity.

LOGISTICAL NOTES: In order for this project to work, I need to build and develop my skills in after effects. This is a technique I have tried before, but not something I’ve developed. I would say I’m at a beginner level. But I feel I can take on the challenge and in the end will benefit my skills in the program, which enhance my chances of getting a job. I will also find stock footage to use, which is going to end up to be costly. I also plan to shoot some of my own footage for the Chroma key images, in doing so I will have to hire a underwater camera.


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