Week 5: Portfolio Work

This week i continued to work on my personal statement. The requirements for the statement are:

A professional profile statement (250 words) that describes your practice. For example, what medium/ media do you work with? What are the ideas, concepts, and techniques you explore in your practice? What are the broader contexts or fields you work within?

After a few drafts and a bit of help from Jo I managed to complete one that i think summarises me and the work that i do right in this point in time. Also after reading some of my peer’s personal statements, i was able to edit my original draft to my final statement which is below:

Lily Rasdall is a creator working with film, design and art media. As a graduate from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Digital Media as well as a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media, she has developed advanced skills in Adobe Creative Cloud software packages including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D. 

 Lily is interested in the relationship between traditional and digital forms of art. Her works combine the distinctive qualities of illustration and painting in her animation, as well as attention to detail and style in her edited videos. Her animation work breaks the barriers between traditional and digital forms of art. Her hand drawn illustrations and paintings are manipulated and animated through digital technologies and software to create unique 2D animations. For example her animation ‘Mickey Brennan’ is a work developed using this approach for Why Documentaries Production Company. As part of a Historical Documentary package exploring the Illawara in the 1900’s, Lily created this animation to capture the disaster of the 1902 Mt Kembla Colliery Explosion. As well as her animation work, Lily thrives in an editing and production environment. She takes pride in her organisation and attention to detail during production projects. For example Lily has created videos and design for a number of organisations including Lure Boutique, UNCW Communication and Media, Flicker Film Festival and Conference and Why Documentaries.

 Lily aims to take this unique practice to boarder media production in television advertising, cross-media campaigns and documentaries. Lily’s multifaceted skills in Design and filmmaking as well as her positive attitude make her an innovative creator.


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