Week 4: Excursion

This week we took MEDA302 to Sydney for an excursion to the Museum of Contemporary Art and UTS Design and Architecture Exhibition. The purpose for was to gain insight and inspiration for our major projects and to see how the works were installed and exhibited for our grad show at the end of the year. Firstly we went to the MCA to see an exhibition called ‘Today Tomorrow Yesterday’ which explores the impact past and historical events have influenced artist’s practice today. The exhibition was dynamic and well spaced, the works varied in materials and concepts. Some works took up one whole room while others were small and blended into the surrounding background. While some of the works were impressive, i wasn’t a big fan of some of the other works that were included in the exhibition. One particular work which ruined the rest of the exhibition for me was a screen work which showed 4 woman dressed in clown costumes continually fake laughing. It was horrible. After looking around the MCA, we headed to UTS. Unfortunately we got very lost in the process and ended up being very late to the exhibition but we eventually got to have a look around. It was small but impressive. The work which stood out for me was a sound work which interacted with the audience’s heartbeat. The works i saw at the excursion did give me some insight into installing and lighting, however there was not one work which stood out and gave me inspiration for my major project. However, overall it was a worthwhile excursion.


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