Week 3: Guest Lecture Warren Leung / Leung Chi Wo

This week we had artist Warren Leung give us a lecture on this work and his practice. His process ranges from photography, installation, text and performance. Leung’s works are based on aspects of history and interpreted in a creative and conceptual way. Warren is an international Hong Kong based artist, his work being featured in the first Hong Kong pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2001 and many other major international museums such as Tate Modern and Manchester. Leung talked a great deal about research, and the importance of research in his works. He talks of the relationship between context, practice, research and situations. One of his works that particularly resonated with me was his installation, ‘Shenzhen Mine 1973′. The work is created through find objects including clinical records, a picture book, a magazine and a fan. A button is also included, which encouraged interaction for the audience. Once pressed, the button ignites the fan and the projection. Listening to Warren describe the steps he took to execute the final product of this work was really interesting because many of his decisions were well research and experimented before he started constructing materials.

This week i also started on assignment 1 which is creating a personal portfolio and statement. I looked at examples of artist’s websites and portfolios, Chris Anderson and Lucas Ihein’s particularly stood out for me. I liked the way their websites were laid out, they were easy to navigate and were very informative. I hope to use their blogs an inspiration for my own.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 7.31.54 pm.png


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