Week 2: Media Arts Theory, Practice and Process

Unfortunately this week i was hit with a horrible Flu and couldn’t make it to class however after looking through medadada online i saw that during class we looked into the notion of ‘Futures’ which is the concept surrounding our major projects. In regards to my project, when i think of future my mind automatically goes to the earth and what will our surrounding natural environment look like in 50 to 100 years to come. The ocean and its marine life is a big passion of mine and it made me think about waste pollution. According to statistics, there is 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in our ocean at this point in time. Imagine if we continue to carry on as we are, how much plastic will be in our ocean in 20 to 50 years? There would be 100 times for plastic than fish. After going through this issue i realised this would make an great concept for my major project. Next week when i’m feeling better i hope to research this idea further and brainstorm ideas on how i can portray this concept through installation or screen art.


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