Week 1: The Creative Process

This week we were introduced to the subject, going over the subject outline and began exploring the concept of futures. We began by exploring the relationship between art, research and craft. Using Venn diagrams we drew connections between the three practices and came to conclusions about their relationship and interceptions with each other. My group included myself, Jasmine, Joanna and Steph. We came to the realisation that art is defined by its context. Whether the artist had the intention of art. The conversation opened up so many more questions, generally created for confusion for us. However overall we all felt that art could be created without the research and context of some sort. We also looked in Chuck Close, an artist that started paints from photographs which was controversial when he started in the 1960′s. Chuck’s process links greatly to craft as a set of steps and set goal. During our discussion in class we described craft to have a desired aesthetic. So what makes his work art? This ultimately arises the question of reproduction and its role as “art”.

Next week i hope to start researching and planning what my major project will be. I began today just with words that come to my head when i think of ‘futures’

  • Earth
  • Scary
  • Death
  • Environment
  • Climate Change
  • Family
  • People
  • Politics
  • Time
  • ?

It turned out to be quite a depressing list. But its a start.


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