Critical Reflection

I admit I was quite disappointed with my Prototype presentation. I know I’ve got a lot of work to do in order to complete my final project to the standard I feel happy with. Unfortunately due to the many dramas I experienced in preparation for this assignment, I felt I was very behind in creating the prototype. Electronics are really not my forte. I find it really hard to be creative when I don’t understand the materials. So after much deliberation and failure of my last idea, I decided to do something that involves film making, which is more in my comfort zone. However, I believe after more practice with these materials and help from my peers I hope to eventually incorporate these devices in my work.

 My work is going to explore the concept of colour and how it affects one’s mood, emotions or experience. My intention is to shoot in various environmental/natural locations, capturing the movement of coloured powder and how it interacts. Throughout my research of colour therapy, I’ve discovered how colours emit different meanings. This can also be varied by an audiences memories or experiences in life. This reflection and self-therapy I believe will have the ability to spark a sense of curiosity, hence allow interaction. I wanted to actively change the mood of my audience by using the concept of colour. The sense of touch is, in my mind the best form of interaction. I want to incorporate this idea into my work so the audience can therefore physically connect and interact. As well as that, the concept of colour therapy and changing moods unconsciously interacts with my audience as the sense of sight plays with their emotions.

 To enhance interaction, I’ve thought about playing with the audience’s senses. I was thinking, when a viewer touches a certain coloured light, the corresponding coloured powder footage would appear on the projected wall. After my prototype presentation, thanks to my peers and tutor’s help I’m going to explore the makey makey and how I can incorporate it into my work. It’s definitely going to be a challenge for me, but I’m willing to work a bit out of my comfort zone to gain some experience and to get the most out of my project. This involves experimenting with different lights to create a circuit that interacts with my computer. I will also be shooting the colour powder footage in different natural environments, which will contrast with the corresponding colour powder. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything physical to display for my prototype presentation, I did receive positive and constructive feedback from my peers and tutor. It was reassuring that many people offered to help me in the areas I lack knowledge in. Hopefully, over the next few weeks I will be able to work out a circuit that works for my idea and shoot some nice footage for the visual element of my project.


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