Finished Film & Project Statement

For my cameraless film, i aimed to creatively destroy and manipulate found footage on 16mm film in order to create some unique effects that couldn’t be replicated in the digital realm of film. Inspired by artists such as Bill Morrison and Peter Hoffman, i discovered the beauty in deliberate or accidentally destroyed film. The techniques i used were scratching, burning, sanding, freezing and painting onto the film. I also tried burying the film with beer for a week. Some techniques worked more than others, unfortunately i was disappointed with a few of my decaying techniques.

However, I consolidated all my experiments and aimed to portray the concept of rhythm through the repetition of colour, image and timing. Continuing the idea of decay, i layered many of my experiments together in order to create texture. Throughout the editing process, i decided to make multiple quick cuts to contrasting images in order to reinforce the notion of rhythm.




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