Cameraless Film Project

After researching the many techniques that manipulate and distort analogue film, i have become very interested in the idea of creatively destroyed film. Artists such as William Dauel and Peter Hoffman use tools such as petrol, fire and water to create organic and fluid forms that seem to interact well with the found footage.I’ve decided to give this technique a go, making sure i have the safety precautions in place. Some techniques i’ve decided to try are;

  • Soaking in Petrol
  • Freezing film and then putting in hot water
  • Burying film and dosing the ‘grave’ with beer to create mould
  • Spraying cleaning products
  • Burning with lighter

I realise all these techniques are risky in that there is a possibility that they won’t work. So i have decided to also try the more conventional techniques of painting and scratching into the film.



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